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" Sowing the seeds of fun!"

Welcome Gamers!
Acorn Games welcomes you
to our new website.

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Pillage & Plunder: The Viking Longship Game tm

Watch a recent The DICETOWER.COM review of this game by
Tom Vasel with the help of his young daughter, Holly

They review and compare Pillage & Plunder
favourably to three other well known games;

Zimbbos by Blue Orange Games
Animal upon Animal by HABA Games
Sleepy Princess and the Pea also by HABA Games

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Pillage & Plunder: The Viking Longship Game ™

We are always amazed at how many people stop by to play
with the display model of this game when we are at shows
or gaming events. The fun design and solid wood parts
make this game irresistible to young and old alike.



Do the words
"GUARANTEED SALES!" mean anything to you?

We are now accepting wholesale orders for Pillage & Plunder
game so that you have them in time for Christmas 2010.

Retailers who order and prepay for a dozen units will receive a handy display/demonstration tray to keep this game out front playing and selling for you.

Display space is valuable but I can guarantee you that it is worth every square inch to give Pillage & Plunder a try so I will guarantee your sales!

I am so confident of these sales that if you purchase the dozen units and put the demo display and game out for people to play with, that you will sell out of this game by Christmas 2010 or I will take back the display tray and buy back any unsold units but I fully expect that you will be placing a re-order by Halloween.

If this display is there on your counter people will stop to play this games
they CANNOT resist!

Playing Pillage & Plunder leads to customer sales.

Pillage & Plunder Display Tray

The display tray has a small convenient footprint
the tray measures only 15"L x 8"W x 3"H

The tray keeps the parts together and playable and
has been used by our game store customers for a few
years with EXCELLENT results!

We also have other exclusive offers for retailers
Email us about our "Retailers Get Acquainted" Program.
We will send you our core line of games with demo
copies, free shipping on the initial order
and "no minimum" reorders for the 1st six months!

We are also actively seeking regional distributors
for our best selling games.

Take a few minutes to navigate through our site.
We have updated all of our pages for our games
and have included a button on each games page
where you will be taken to our store where you
can add any of our items into a convenient
shopping cart and we will be happy to send
you a Paypal Invoice for your purchase.

Send an e-mail to the address below
and we'll send you complete ordering
Information for payment by either
Check or Money Order


Acorn Games is a small game company located in the
beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire.

Most of our games and toys are historical or historically
themed and are made out of natural materials such as,
wood, leather, cloth, glass and clay and we try to
use environments responsible materials wherever
possible to be good neighbors.

We are also proud to say that our games are locally
made here in New England to assure you the highest
quality and games which will become family heirlooms.


"Taking Strategy to the Next Power!" ™

CUBE 2 Game

Unlike most of our games, cube2 does not have a historical
theme except for the fact that pure Abstract Strategy Games are the
oldest form of game ever played.Our new game is designed for the new
millennium but is made of the same quality materials that make
Acorn Games popular all around the world.

Cube^2 closeup

click the picture to go right to the page for this game.

We are very proud of this game and hope that it
will become one of the games which will come to
be known as a true "Modern Classic"


Boar Hunt:The Dark Ages Game
is our first redesigned game.
Click on the button for it to the left and you will be brought
to the page for the "DELUXE" version.

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We have also had another pleasant surprise!
We quietly introduced another new multi-game set
having no idea that it would become an instant hit
and we almost were completely SOLD OUT of!

GAMES of the WORLD has been a pet project of ours for years.
We've always wanted to produce games with a solid wood board
and playing pieces that allow you to play a multitude of games.
We have gathered together four classic games from around the
world and have designed four of our own games that can all be
played on a classic "Alquerque" board. We will have a PDF file
on the page which will have the rules and diagram for playing
the classic game from Spain called "Alquerque" and we'll have
another PDF file that you can download which will have
the rules for one of Acorn Games's own games that we
have aptly named "FOURTRESS". Fourtress is an exciting
where you are trying to be the fist player to form
a "FOURTRESS" from your own playing pieces.

We have always thought that it would be neat to
publish a game where you are able to mix
classic games with new games and we
are proud label our new game.

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Who doesn't love a toy or game store?

Below are a few of the retailers who carry our games.
Take a look at thier web sites or drop by and say "HI"

Greenfield Game Store logo
Click the Store Logo to visit their web site!

Greenfield Games is a full service game store and one of
our oldest customers. Greenfield Games is located
in the heart of the Pioneer Valley where the
Connecticut River is crossed by the Mohawk Trail!

They have a philosophy that games should be played
and demoed to be appreciated. Seth and the gang
are OUR kind of people!


We are THRILLED to feature one of our
NEWEST retailers that carries ACORN GAMES
in the Amherst, MA area

Toy Box of Amherst Store logo
Click the Store Logo to visit their web site!

The Toy Box is an Aladdin's Cave of toys
and games located in the picturesque downtown of Amherst,MA
which is the home of the University of Massachusetts


You can also look for us at SCA events and Ren-Faires
all across New England at the sign of
Acorn Games.

To find other dealers of period games and accessories
follow the links in the handy webring below

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