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"Celtic Royal Chess" ™


Handcrafted by Acorn Games

Brandubh translates into "Black Ravens" or "Black Crows" in Ancient Gaelic and features a larger force of "Robbers" attacking the "King" and his "Lords". Many versions of this game have been played by various Celtic peoples for thousands of years and pre-dates the various Viking Tafl-type Games by many centuries. While different rules exist, we have included those that we consider the most challenging and playable for both sides.

The rules for our version of this game come from studying the "Ballinderry Board". The Ballinderry Game Board was found in 1932 during the excavation of a "crannog", or lake dwelling at Ballinderry, West Meath, Ireland.

Our games are hand-crafted in the Acorn Games studios in the beautiful Monadnock Region of New Hampshire. The game boards are all hand drawn on leather and suede with Ancient Celtic symbols used for the placement marks. Each set also includes 8 jewel toned glass "Robbers" and 4 jewel toned glass "Lords" as well as a hand carved ceramic "King" in a classic terracotta color. Each "King" is highly detailed as you can tell from the picture below.

The complete rules as well as diagrams for alternate set-ups are permanently attached in the decorated storage box. Each box is hand decorated using a mix of Ancient Celtic designs and wood-burning to make for an attractive conversation piece. Each box measures approximately 4in. long x 3in. wide x 2 1/2in. high. Since each game is hand crafted, there will be natural color and shape variations in the game boards, playing pieces and box decorations.

Each BRANDUBH Game includes:
1 - Decorated display box with rules
1 - Leather or Suede Game Board
12 - Jewel toned Glass Playing Pieces
1 - Hand-Carved "KING" Piece

This game will bring you many hours of enjoyment whether you are at an SCA event, Ren-Faire or just relaxing in front of your fireplace for a friendly game.

Our BRANDUBH Game will make the perfect gift for that someone who has ALMOST everything.

Look for Acorn Games at most East Kingdom events at the Sign of the Acorn!

This game contains small parts which may pose a choking hazard to young children. Not recommended for children age 3 and younger.


Each Brandubh Game is Hand-crafted of the best
materials available. The Acorn Games studios are
located in the Beautiful Monadnock Region of
New Hampshire.Each gets hand assembled by our in-house
game-crafters.The same pair of hands sees each Brandubh
Game through from start to finish just like the rest
of our games.

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