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Dragondisks New Button Label

Welcome Gamers!

Acorn Games welcomes you and is pleased to announce that their BEST SELLING game
Dragons & Danes ™
The Original Viking Battle Game! ™

has undergone a facelift and a name change!

We have been very proud of our first game which is enjoyed by
players from around the world and since we have added so many
exciting titles to our catalog we decided to come up with some
new cover art and a new name which comes from the nickname
that a lot of players have come to call it because of the
dragons on the disks that you battle with.

We hope that you enjoy the changes and we will have all of the
new graphics changed here in the coming weeks. Not only have we
changed the name and the cover art but we are doing a new layout
for the rules booklet which will have the new name.

We want our customers to know that Dragondisks tm
will continue to be made here in New England of the same
high quality components that you have come to expect
from Acorn Games.

This is the scan of our new cover label.

We would like to thank up and coming artist
Ron Spellman
for his super drawing of an axe wielding Viking
Warrior locked in mortal combat with a ferocious Dragon.

We hope to have a link soon which will take
you to a page to learn a little more about
Ron and his art.

We feel that this new illustration conveys
the sense of action and adventure that you
get from playing Dragondisks tm

Dragons&Danes Game Set

Viking Exhibit Logo

Dragons & Danes ™ The Original Viking Battle Game
was a featured item at many museum gift shops during
the North American tour of The Smithsonian Institution's
traveling exhibit

Vikings:The North Atlantic Saga

This fabulous traveling exhibit was seen
at museums across North America for the last
few years.

We hope that you will still be able to find
our games at fine museums across the country.

You can still purchase a copy of
Dragondisks tm
from us by clicking the button below
or visiting our web based store.

Dragondisks tm is an exciting new
"Combat" style game that uses our
unique "Throwing Disks" that will
either score you points or enter you into
a "Battle"mode.You may find yourself
in the middle of a "War". Fighting a
"Skirmish". "Ambushing" your enemy
or find yourself saying "OH NO!" As
your "Ambush" backfires in your FACE!
On each turn you either win or lose pieces
of treasure from your treasure hoard.
Of course everyone knows,
"He who getteth the most treasure WINS!

Dragondisks tm is Hand-crafted in our
studios. Each game set gets hand assembled
by our in-house game-crafters.The same
pair of hands sees each game through from
start to finish.

Game Close Up

Please Note: The pictures still show the rule booklet with the old name
we will have an updated picture with the new booklets when we get
them back from the printers

Each set of Dragondisks tm

1 set of 5 hand-crafted "Throwing Disks"
1 custom made carry-anywhere pouch
1 booklet with complete game rules
30 jewel colored "Treasure Horde" pieces
Hours of game playing PLEASURE!

Dragondisks tm
can be yours for only
$15.00 + s/h

Click on the button below
to order your Dragondisks tm Game online
now using a secure shopping cart.
We accept credit cards via


Send an e-mail to the address below
and we'll send you complete ordering
Information for payment by either
Check, Money Order or Paypal invoice

Don't forget to click the
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our web site for our
Super Toy!

"The Wonder Toy!" ™
It can be yours for only
$6.99 + s/h

TReBOLO Bolo the Wonder Dog Logo

You can also look for us at SCA events and Ren-Faires
all across New England at the sign of
Acorn Games.

To find other dealers of period games and accessories
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Our background music:
Led Zeppelin's Immigrant Song

The world's best Viking song lyrics:

Ah-ah-ahhhh-ah, ah-ah-ahhh-ah

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
Hammer of the gods
We'll drive our ships to new lands
To fight the horde, an' and cry
Valhalla, I am coming
On we sweep-we with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore

Ah-ah-ahhhh-ah, ah-ah-ahhh-ah

We come from the land of the ice and snow
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow
How soft your fields so green
Can whisper tales of gore
Of how we calmed the tides of war
We are your overlords
On we sweep with threshing oar
Our only goal will be the western shore

S-so now you'd better stop and rebuild all your ruins
For peace and trust can win the day
Despite of all your losing

(guitar solo)

For those of you who miss the old name
and cover-art click on the button below
to visit the old page for

Dragons & Danes ™
The Original Viking Battle Game! ™

Dragons & Danes

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