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"Sowing the seeds of fun!"

Welcome Gamers!
Acorn Games welcomes you to their site for
their HOT new Abstract Strategy Game.

"Taking Strategy to the Next Power!" ™

CUBE 2 Game

"Taking Strategy to the Next Power!" ™

Unlike most of our games, cube2 does not have a historical
theme except for the fact that pure Abstract Strategy Games are the
oldest form of game ever played.Our new game is designed for the new
Millenium but is made of the same quality materials that make
Acorn Games popular all around the world.

CUBE 2 Game

Our new game is hot off the presses and ready to ship to a
game store near you!

"Taking Strategy to the Next Power!" ™

This is a classic 2-Player, Abstract Strategy Game where each player
is trying to be the first to get a complete set of rainbow colored cubes
and cylinders past the square marked with a "star" and off onto their
side of the board.

Each game is new and exciting because every game starts with an
empty board and players take turns placing one piece at a time
anywhere they want on the board except for the two "Home Squares"
that have a "star" on them near each end of the board. It doesn't
matter if they place a cube or a cylinder or even which color it is
because no one player "owns" any piece until it is safely off of the
board and onto one of their "home spots" on their side of the board.

Movement rules are pretty short and simple with the key fact being
that if there are two pieces of a particular color and shape on the
board, those pieces can move either once or twice and once they are
down to one piece, they can only move once. The other main rule is
that you MUST get your cube of a color off the board before you
get the matching cylinder off the board.

The ability to jump other pieces and move either type of piece, the
fact that no one "owns" pieces until they remove them from the board
makes for a depth of strategy seen in very few games.

When you add the fact that there is no set starting position for the
playing pieces, you will soon see that this game is almost "Bottomless"
which gives it the ability to be studied and played for years, if not
decades before anyone will ever figure out if there is an optimal setup

The picture below shows you the back cover of our rules sheet.
The rules are so simple, that we could show you the various
types of legal moves quite clearly while only using a single
diagram to do it.

CUBE 2 Rules Sheet

For your convenience, we have included a link to a PDF file of the rules
so you can download the complete rules and read them at your pleasure.

We are convinced that once you see the simplicity of the moves
and appreciate the depth of strategy available to you, that you
will have to agree with us that cube2 is one of those games that
come along every now and again that have the potential to
become a true "modern classic".

Cube 2 Rules Sheet PDF File

Click on the PDF icon above to view or download the
rules and diagrams for cube2

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CUBE 2 Victory Position

One look at our pictures will show you that Acorn Games has
a strong commitment to bringing you games made of the best
quality components available. Each game starts out with a
hand made and finished wooden game board. The 24 hardwood
playing pieces have their finish baked onto them for
years of durable playing pleasure.

Each game is packaged in a sturdy, corrugated box to protect each
game and as an added touch, we have included a velvet, drawstring
pouch to keep your pieces safe and together for years to come.

Cube 2 Close-Up

We are actually working on new games that can be played
using this set and and will post them in PDF format from
time to time.

We are trying to come up with games that will use both
the CUBES and the CYLINDERS from this game where they
will have the same movement rules but try to acheive
a different goal along side other types of game pieces.

We are also working on other games where the pieces from
those games will be able to be used on the cube2 game board.

We are also accepting submissions for original games from
other designers that use the same board and pieces
if we like your idea we will post it here with your,
name on it for the world to see.

Acorn Games is also in the process of setting up our
own Discussion Board or Forum (possibly at Yahoo Groups)
where players can get together and share all of the tips
and tidbits of strategy that they have discovered while
playing our games.

We hope to have this feature up and running by summer's end.

cube2 was a hit for us at the Origins '06 Game Expo
which was put on by GAMA June 27th - July 2nd

We played a TON of demo games and got quite a
bit of positive feedback from hundreds and hundreds
of game players.

We even set up boards on the lobby tables for some
more gameplay after the Expo closed for the evening.

The Acorn Games main page should have a link to a
photo page soon which will show some of the action
at the Expo with some of the folk who played our games.

CUBE 2 Game

Each cube2 game set comes with:

  • Solid Wood Game Board

  • 24 Brightly Colored Hardwood Playing Pieces

  • Fully Detailed cube2 Rule Folder

  • Luxurious Velvet Drawstring Pouch.

  • Packaged in a Sturdy Corrugated Mailer.

You can have your own copy of

"Taking Strategy to the Next Power!" ™

for only $25 + $5.95 S/H via USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation

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We are now accepting wholesale orders for this
game so that you have them in time for Christmas '06.

Email us about our "Retailers Get Acquainted" Program.
We will get our core line with demo copies, free shipping
and "no minimum" reorders for the 1st six months!

We are also actively seeking regional distributors
for our best selling games.

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Dragons & Danes ™ The Original Viking Battle Game
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This fabulous traveling exhibit was seen
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This game has undergone a facelift and is now known as

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